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Will the pouches leak in my purse or diaper bag?

No. If sealed properly, all the way across the zipper, they will never leak or break open. We use the strongest double zipper available to create a very tight seal. Sometimes a little too tight!


How many ounces of puree do the pouches hold?

They hold about 4 oz depending on how you fill them. If you use something like a squeeze station you can fit about 4.5 oz. 

Are the pouches compatible with the Infantino Squeeze Station?

Yes they are! Our pouches are about 1.5 in. longer than the Infantino pouches so they’re a bit longer than the squeeze station. They touch the bottom and slightly curve to fit but you can still fill them up perfectly with no issues.

Are the pouches compatible with other caps on the market?

Yes! The spouts are a standard size and fit well with other caps on the market, including ones from disposable pouches!

Can the pouches be heated in the microwave?

We do not recommend microwaving plastic products in general, but you can place them in a cup of hot water for several minutes and it should do the trick!

Can you freeze breastmilk in the pouches?

You can freeze liquids in our pouches and they would store well. They are much thicker than regular freezer bags and they seal very tightly. However, if you plan to sterilize your breastmilk storage containers we do not recommend putting reusable plastic pouches in the microwave. If your dishwasher has a sterilize cycle or if you’re comfortable just washing them with hot water then that would work perfectly. Place frozen pouches in a cup of hot water to thaw.

Are the plates made of pure silicone?

Yes! Our plates are made with 100% pure food-grade silicone with no added fillers, plastics or harmful chemicals. They are free from BPA, BPS, PVC, lead and phthalates.

Do the plates stain easily?

Most foods will not stain the plates, but highly pigmented foods such as tomato sauce or turmeric should not be left to sit on the plates for long periods of time. You can avoid staining by rinsing immediately after use. If staining does occur from these foods, it will often fade out or be removed after multiple washes.